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Who we are...

We design and develop circuits for custom LED lighting applications.   Our services are for hire.

(This site is under reconstruction ... please bear with us as we adjust our content.  Thanks)

Google Next Camera Shot of our Design Studio

Drop in on us !

In the great spirit of experimentation...we proudly place our design studio online for your inspection.   Drop in for a voyeur's perspective on our day to day activities...  


Recent and Current Projects

Design Work

We have been designing LED lighting since 2003.  During that time we have experimented with new concepts, manufactured small quantities for custom orders, and we have designed circuits for our client's branded products that have been sold in large quantities all over the world.

Everything on this site is uniquely our work.

There is innovation in almost every project we develop.

Would you care to sponsor product development?   Call on us to discuss the possibilities.


Click on the photos to get the backstory on that project.

NOTE:  We are still populating the data on the backstories...


"Possibly Useful Information..."

(this quote frequently appeared on my college chemistry exams - the humor being that the information provided was invaluable for formulating correct answers... the quote is included here in honor of the late Dr Thomas Maxwell Willard)

Our Design Approach...

Electronics lighting can be customized a thousand different ways to target almost any lighting application.

Our design approach is typically to allow the electronics to take the size and shape in the most natural way.   Therefore, we tend to enjoy designs that are not retro-fit into old forms.

We analyze the power source, we look at the lumen requirement, the size and shape of the application is considered, and the control methods are examined.

From all these design requirements -- and constraints -- we choose a list of hardware that we expect to perform correctly and at a cost low enough that makes the product concept marketable.   At that point, we have a probable product.

Again, we want to stress, that this web site showcases our engineering talents to those who wish to sponsor LED lighting products and take those products to market.


Geo-Location has a Value...

For better or worse, China dominates in electronic components and circuit board production.   The city of Shenzhen in particular supplies the lion's share of LED lighting products to the world market.   

We don't particularly care for the bulk of the low-cost designs that originate from China, but they can put parts on circuit boards faster than most other developed countries.   Fast turn-around time for circuit boards and parts becomes a force multiplier.  For this reason, we do spend time in China for most project development cycles. 

This image is one of many buildings at Huaqiangbei electronics market  You can shop there on almost any day of the year and find exactly what you need.  This market complex - the size of several city blocks - is perhaps the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.

Asian Labor Costs

Although China can offer benefits, they lack skilled workers and their culture doesn't lend itself well to training.  I find Philippine workers far more trainable and have greater craftsmanship in their work.   The cost of labor is lower in the Philippines as well, so for all these reasons, and a few others, we locate our primary business operation in the Philippines and simply fly back and forth to China to source specific supplies as neccessary.

Off-The-Shelf or Custom?

Custom solutions always seem expensive.  A hard look needs to be taken over any project concept to determine its overall cost vs. value.

The total value of any custom engineered LED light must be far in excess of repeatedly purchasing the same low yield or disposable off-the-shelf offering.   We always dig down into the true numbers like lumens per watt of energy consumed, the likely mean time between failure, and the cost of materials before suggesting a custom product concept. 





Dealing Direct...

The ownership of this company is American.  Our ethics and values are Western-based... that means we have a very strong commitment to honoring our word and seeing through your project through it its logical conclusion just as if we were working for you next door.   By hiring our company, you would be dealing directly with us and we would be the ones doing the work.  We do not hand off our tasks in bulk to outside contractors.  We know and understand our unique designs.